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2023 Progress Update

Our progress update for 2023.

  • We became a IRC 501(c)(3) non profit corporation in January, 2023.

  • We launched this website.

  • We reached out to business property owners in the Village of Dundee, hoping to purchase a building for a grocery store. We are still working on this.

  • We held our second annual Plant Swap at the Dundee Four Corners on Mother’s Day Saturday.

  • Partnering with Cornell Cooperative Extension Yates County and the Dundee Baptist Church we received a $24,953 grant from the Genesee Valley Regional Market Authority to fund a free fresh produce distribution during the summer, 2023 in the Village of Dundee, with produce purchased from the Finger Lakes Produce Auction.

  • We received a $2000 grant from the Watkins Glen Cargill Plant’s employee-driven grant program. This was enough to fund one of the weekly fresh produce distributions. 

  • We held the produce distributions at the Dundee Village Barn for 8 weeks during the summer, serving approximately 300 Dundee area residents at each distribution. A total of 52 community volunteers repacked and handed out produce at the Village Barn on Friday afternoons from 3:00 to 5:30 PM and Saturday mornings from 8:30 - 10:30 AM. 

  • We participated in the Village of Dundee 175th Anniversary event at Seneca Street Park in July.

  • We participated in the DCS back to school event in September in the highschool gym.

  • We held 2 community meetings in the Dundee Library’s Tripp room in November entitled “Now and Next” to report to community members about the produce distribution and our plans for a grocery store.

  • On separate occasions we talked to a representative from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation and with representatives from the Rochester Area Community Foundation - Yates Community Endowment about our plans for a grocery store in Dundee. Both organizations offered advice and ideas on obtaining funds to help pay for a Dundee grocery store.

  • DCS middle school students participating in the Trails program helped us address postcards to send to our summer free fresh produce members who don’t have  emails.  Thank you! 

Please consider making a donation to Dundee Fresh Grocery, Inc.  You can mail a check payable to Dundee Fresh Grocery, Inc., PO Box 144, Dundee, NY, or drop off your check or cash at Our Town Rocks. 


Bonnie F. Anderson, President

Lynda H. Kimball, Treasurer

Alice Shoemaker Secretary

Caryl Sutterby Board Member

Maura Benincasa-Wolverton, Board Member

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