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Meet Your Board Member: Karen Scholler

Karen Scholler is the President of Dundee Fresh Grocery, Inc.

What inspired you to become involved with Dundee Fresh Grocery, Inc.?

"Dundee is a food desert and food swamp. There is a need for healthy, whole foods in this town to counter the negative effects of high sugar, salt, and trans fats on health. There is also a sense of isolation since 2019 when the prior grocery store closed."

Tell us about yourself!

"I am a Registered Nurse who has recently returned to work as a direct support person at Mosaic in Dundee. I like to paint, crochet, and garden. I am a former florist. I have volunteered during COVID at the Classic Cafe."

What is your hope for Dundee Fresh Grocery, Inc.?

"I foresee a thriving fresh and whole food grocery with a commercial kitchen that will be rented out when not in use by the store. There will also be an active teaching kitchen and an area to come in, sit and catch up with friends and neighbors while having a cup of coffee. Dundee Fresh Grocery Inc. will be a place to come to for filling out SNAP applications and to get help with food when in need."

What is something we might be surprised to learn about you?

"I am a Certified Seneca Historical Society Wolf Clan Peace Elder and Teacher of the Wisdom Wheel."

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